Essential Oils

Did you know that humanity has known the healing powers of plants for over 3000 years?

The earliest records of using plants can be found from the Sumerian civilization where hundreds of medicinal plants are listed on clay tablets. In times when new pathogens are finding ways to evolve beyond the capacities of pharmacology, essential oils are standing up to show they are here to help. 

The oils may be found in many parts of a plant, from the tips of their leaves to their roots deep in the ground. When you hold an essential oil in your hand, it is the concentrate of that plant’s essence, allowing you to harness that plant’s medicine for yourself. Essential Oils are a potent gift of Mother Earth, bestowed upon us to guide us home to love, to reclaim our birthright to health, vitality, joy, emotional and mental harmony, and spiritual awakening, just as the universe and our soul intended.

They are here as guardians and allies to guide through times that challenge you emotionally, mentally or spiritually. For these simple but powerful reasons, Oils needed to become a part of our space here at Wellness Wave Creations. We are delighted to share about everything essential oil with You.

I would always say how the planets need to align so that the amplification of their effect causes a ripple and a phenomenal game of the universe just begins…

I said this waaaaay before this global wellness venture or even the whiff of an oil☺ …I never would have thought that I will be a Wellness Advocate today with this amazing global organization, especially that many pursued me to enter the world of essential oils throughout many years. As those planets did align in the form of three amazing women in the North Pacific, whom I all had met separately first and only later it came to light that they share the same mission with the oils. They were able to create that kinda storm that finally caught my attention to these amazing botanicals, plants, their essence, even closer to nature, which just feels right for us! Without a fail as long as you know how to remain in harmony with it as it’s a powerful Momma…You agree?

Thank you for sniffing around,

Love and Light,


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What Are Essential Oils Good For?

Since long ago, people have used essential oils and plant parts to improve their health and physical well-being. We’ve continued to explore their benefits today, finding that essential oils can be integrated into daily life for a plethora of purposes.

Curious about how you might use essential oils in your everyday life? Essential oils can be used to

  • Support good oral hygiene,*
  • Reduce appearance of skin imperfections,
  • Promote healthy digestion,*
  • Cleanse and purify the air,
  • Promote an uplifting atmosphere,
  • Maintain healthy respiratory system and clear breathing,*
  • Mental Wellness
  • Mood, wellness and sleep
  • Support for the immune system
  • Respiratory health
  • Pain management
  • Digestive health
  • And More…

What Makes Essential Oils Effective?

Some essential oils are soothing, toning, and grounding, while others are energizing, warming, and renewing—but all essential oils are natural. The variety of essential oils allows you to naturally and effectively maintain health and address your specific health concerns. 

With so many essential oils available, you can tailor them to your specific wants and needs rather than be forced to settle for a generic solution. This makes essential oils a popular choice for those looking for the best natural solutions in the modern era. The versatility of essential oils is part of what has made them so popular in recent years. People love that they can use essential oils for a variety of tasks, without having to buy multiple products. 

How to Use Essential Oils

How do you use essential oils effectively? Rest assured that you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the wide array of benefits that essential oils offer. All you really need is a basic understanding of how to apply essential oils safely and simply as part of your daily routine.

If you’re ready to learn more, we can show you how to use essential oils. Once you learn how to use essential oils, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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