Holistic Nutritional Therapy

Hi. My name is Dana

Let me introduce you to my personal journey that has brought me here today.

Struggling with food sensitivities, IBS, mineral/vitamin deficiencies, psoriasis, and constant fatigue led me to my interest in holistic nutrition. I was inspired to dig deeper into how the power of food can support the body. I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) with the Nutritional Therapy Association as well as holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Throughout my studies I have learnt to help support health problems such as but not limited to: digestive issues, inflammation, weakened immune systems, food sensitivities, blood sugar balancing, weight-related issues, hormonal imbalances, and so on. Learning to evaluate the body with a foundational approach has made all the difference in my personal and professional life. Also, as a passionate chef in my kitchen, I bring my own culinary experience and knowledge of food-as-medicine into my practice through nutrition services.

My mission is to work one on one, or in a group with you, to overcome your personal needs and concerns.

Working together, we can create a customized holistic program for you to become successful in achieving your personal goals. The truth about nutrition and life in general, is that we all are unique in our journey to discover the best who we can be. Let’s make simple yet effective changes without obsession, creating balance so you can still enjoy something sweet now and then, without the guilt. My goal is to help you make dietary and lifestyle changes and become more aware about listening to your body to refuel it with nutrient-dense whole foods.

Hungry for change? Let me be your guide and biggest supporter on your journey to vitality!

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