My Water Story

A story of symptoms, walnuts and an anaphylactic attack or two…and a Journey of Healing from two decades of escalating health issues!

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Why all the Ws..LOL.. I am really not sure but I promise that I didn’t do it on purpose…☺

This story is a water woos wellness story of Wellness Wave Creations, or at least the very onset of a series of events, coincidences (never anything without a reason or purpose) that lead us Here and Now. We write October 13, 2020 in the calendar as I am typing for the very first time and attempt to get this out of me, at last.

I like to start projects on Friday the 13th…. How about you?

So it all started in Hungary, where I grew up. When I was in college, I started to have some allergies, a sort of hay fever stuff and sure, as hell: I never took that seriously. I also must say that I grew up in a very organic environment, we never had kept vegetables or fruits or eggs in the house but rather just grabbed them off the vines, trees, their source as we needed them. All the meats I ate came from the most trusted sources and the animals lived a life exactly how they should. Real grass, No GMO feeds, good fresh air, roaming “truly” freely…etc. It was heavenly. Heavenly times.

Then I arrived in Canada (many moons ago…) and as a young 21 and ¾ years old fresh off college, I never ever gave a thought to this topic otherwise… I always have been a home -cooking kinda gal, shopped at marketplaces as much local and seasonal as possible…and those allergies were nowhere to be found. For a while.

Then it all started back one year and became an almost 20-year old issue in my life. Besides the usual itchy eyes, runny nose, having cold-like symptoms all the time, excessive sneezing, I could not breathe through my nose for a decade. 10 years! So, one day after giving birth to my daughter, a gorgeous summer day with this beautiful breeze out, I decided to nosh a little so I had a tiny piece of walnut (from my mom’s very own garden and from that walnut tree I grew up on as a child) that span me into a massive anaphylactic shock. My favourite nuts of all… Ironically.

Firemen, 2 police cars, the ambulance, all rushed upon my 911 call with my 3-month old baby at the time on my arm. (I remember the fireman.. LOL ) Then fast forwarding a year and a bit, another violent anaphylactic attack, this time on delicious blueberries. Days after, I started to have panic attacks…Now I got scared! Doctors’ visits and a series of tests later, I was told that “We have good news.” There is Nothing wrong with me – they said.

LoL. Are you kidding me? I knew that there was definitely something not right with me … So, I took my health matters into my own hands and The journey began.

My first move was to this reputable naturopath’s clinic in Toronto, Canada and I certainly learnt a lot in this 2-year period of time, leaving $13,000 in fees and products at his office. Tinctures, supplements, products from Italy, Germany, tests…etc. Surely, I cannot say I didn’t improve my health, but that homeostasis just wouldn’t re-bounce.

Until one day, finally I have taken a flight to British Columbia and took my friend upon her invitation to her beautiful mountain home. Who would have known that this will be a life changing trip? 2013 September…and she had this water machine, this technology with this Japanese engineering marvel, this bio-mimicry fine art of a health technology on her kitchen counter. An Ionizer. (What the heck are you talking about, Orshi? – you might ask.)

And I started to drink an immense amount of this water as it felt so good, and she cooked with these waters by pressing these different buttons and cleaned the produce with these specialty waters and cleaned with these waters and…Me… LOL… I just enjoyed the air, the mountains, the hydration, the hospitality…and day 6 came on this week’s trip and…

…The Bathroom story shall not be detailed on this page for your safety☺ but I definitely left something serious behind☺  As soon as that, I actually could breathe through my nose!!! Now, I am paying attention. We immediately decided upon my return to Toronto that we will move to the North Pacific to start a healthier lifestyle…

And the Water kept flowing when we came back that Christmas and stayed for 5 weeks…had this wonderful water again and my body, mind and spirit responded immediately to this liquid gold full of life force. As if that higher level of consciousness guided me to know for certain. If I change my water, I can for certain change my life. And so it was. So I did.

All my allergies disappeared almost immediately after I started drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water. Some 13 years later following the walnut attack, I even dare to eat walnuts again as well as blueberries. That’s right! I have found out that it doesn’t have to be a permanent issue and that my body can heal itself if I give it what it needs for optimal level of operation!

The facts are that

  • I anti-aged inside and out.
  • My skin, hair improved drastically.
  • I no longer have allergies of any kind.
  • I no longer had got panic attacks. Ever.
  • I lost weight. A lot.
  • I never have seen a doctor for 7 years, nor did my people!
  • No colds, no  flus…just sayin’…never…neither of us
  • Toxic-free living
  • A phenomenal set of energy, vitality.. Always.
  • A homeostasis better than 25 years ago
  • Preventative lifestyle
  • In home pharmacy on my kitchen counter
  • A certified medical device in Japan
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Clarity, mental and emotional charge  with life force energy – negative ions
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Combating inflammation in the body
  • Gut health = Brain health
  • The list goes Long…

Check out our water web @ for nerdy, awesome details about ionized water and this technology and I implore you to keep an open mind. A PARADIGM SHIFT is necessary. That is the new world… A different way of thinking, a new awareness how we cannot treat our body as a clump of matter only, and how we can help our own selves with uncomplicated tools to achieve wellness and ultimate health for ourselves and our loved ones, how it is NOT inevitable that we must end up with ‘lifestyle” diseases and hospitalized and medicated… that there is another way.

So, as the water flows into your physical being, it slowly but surely seeps into your mental, emotional, spiritual space. It is definitely a Life changer!! And then some… When the journey continues into a series of other coincidences, meetings, and my energy healer, light worker journey begins at which time, I find myself to become a reiki master practitioner, a reiki master teacher, a collaborator to this spiritual community and a myriad of awesome women entrepreneurs with some pretty great aspects of wellness with their socially and environmentally line of products and services. I realized that I have been causing these ripples, LOL…more like waves in people’s health and wellness by standing strong for these principles, a new paradigm, a new way of Living, a Live Insurance (not a life insurance…LOL)

While it may sound like a cliché (and I hope it doesn’t), I am truly passionate about how to live our lives in the most natural, clean, organic way possible as those efforts (even money spent) are going to pay back Big Time accumulatively and will serve well for your day-to day lives as well as your Longevity in Wellness. The more I go down the rabbit hole (Yeah, Alice in Wonderland is one of my ultimate favorites…LOL), the more I realize How the physical body and taking care of our vessel is ONLY ONE THING…. Taking care of our emotional, mental and Spiritual wellbeing is quite another. Up Your Game with us and learn How we can assist YOU on your journey to find this Alignment and True Health and Wellness.

With Much Love and Light,

I hope you Shine Around in this space with us,


"Be water, my friend"

Bruce Lee

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

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