Hello, my name is M. Viktória Ambrus and I am an Integral Astrologer from Central Europe (the heart chakra of Europe:). Firstly, Thank you for your trust! I couldn’t be happier to make a difference in Your life!

Please allow a few words about astrology itself…

The exact astrological formula is a map that can serve as a guide for our entire lives.

One way of improving our self-knowledge is with the help of the exact position of the planets, because at the exact time of our birth there is a map of the skies, planets, stars…and from this Map, we can get an idea of ​​our strengths and weaknesses. We are all 12 digits, however there is an area where there are more planets, t in our chart, that is, there we have chosen strengths and tasks for ourselves for THIS life. Personality is colored by planets of different signs, and the light angle connections between planets provide additional information about each of our abilities or areas of life. There are 12 houses in the horoscope setting system, so which house the given celestial body is in gives us even more insight into our destiny and attitude towards our life events.

First, we need to examine The parents to get a more complete picture of what we have brought from them. They are within us physically, mentally and emotionally. Impressions are taken from them and they have from their parents and so on. The child observes and copies everything from 0 to 7 years of age and then operates the subconsciously learned patterns of behavior from the parents.

By examining parents, we can look at our own adult lives. In almost all cases, there are similarities between parent and child, depending on which area we choose, it will definitely show up in our lives ,as well. The more we deny this, the more certain the similarities become observable. Thus, in order to experience our role as adults, it is essential to examine parents in astrology.

So the Sun is not ourselves in the birth chart, but means:

  • For a man: his own father, his own adult male self, and himself as a father
  • For a woman: own father, future or current husband, male partner, father of her children

Once the toddler follows the parental imprints, we actually take on the energies of the Sun, so we ourselves will not be one or the other sign, but we will carry different Sun sign energies within ourselves. Therefore, we are not this or that zodiac sign, but rather we would say that our Sun is in that particular sign.

Astrology with Viktoria and another Friendship

I wanted to establish in the beginning and pay it forward that there are no coincidences. When I first met this woman, I was in my first career. Believe it or not, I was a certified legal professional owning my own consulting business in immigration law in Toronto at the time. This was a consultation via Skype, and I used to do hundreds of them per year so unless I was retained, the likelihood of me recalling your name after sooooo many years would be unlikely… But then, there was Marta Viktoria.

I remembered how multifaceted she was. Educated out of the yin-yang…I found her very interesting and her passion to move forward while always learning and developing herself intrigued me. I will admit, I didn’t enjoy speaking with her husband the same …Sorry, bud. And I remembered how polar opposites they were.

Fast forward to 2017ish…. now living in British Columbia (yes! It’s the same country as Toronto, but Hey! It’s on the other side of the continent.) Yes, I have changed my whole life: my place of living, my business and career, my purpose has changed drastically since I nearly died from that piece of walnut…I met a girl here in Vancouver, liked her spirit, the rest was history. We became best friends and are still up to today. And guess Who is her long time 20 plus years friendship, but Marta Viktoria!! When it all comes to the clear that Viktoria knows me from 12 plus years before in another capacity….We had the greatest laugh as we all knew. We were meant to be.

No, there are no coincidences. The Universe has your back! You know, after I have made a massive 10,000 km move from Central Europe to Canada, I said …Never again! Toronto is my town and that’s that. I will never move such a Big one…Ever… Haha….Until 2014…..I end up by the Pacific Ocean. A whooping few minutes from it. This is where the Journey into Soul Searching really has begun. Yeah, it’s always been there in my spirit, in my soul…But for me, the conscious journey, the integration and ascension really starts when Marta Viktoria walks into my life.

It was instantaneous. There is a mission or two and we can certainly help one another in serving with Purpose, for the highest good of all.  So, please see how this wonderful wave of Wellness Wave Creations is believed to be important to our wellness. How we can implement what we learn about ourselves and how we can become leaders, pathfinders, friends, partners, game changers…and how we can turn this knowledge Power to be our better version, our True Self, our Best while remaining in alignment with our internal truth.

With Love and much Light,


Astrology is simply a map. A map to Self.

We can learn about the paths and areas we need to walk in order to find our true purpose in life. For centuries, people have been spying on the sky and observing that there is a strong connection between the position of the stars and what happens. Astrology is a system. There are exact repetitive phenomena in the system. From this, we can draw conclusions about the world and ourselves as smaller units within.

Thus the position of the heavenly bodies shows us possibilities, which, if we know our exact time of birth, the astrologer translates into ordinary language.

With the help of the birth chart, we get an accurate map of a person’s character, destiny, financial situation, health and last but not least, their love life.

I am an Integral Astrologer therefore, I will set up the horoscope in great detail and taking several aspects into account. We all need to work to achieve consciousness during our existence on Earth. Our opportunities help in this process. Equivally, difficulties and tasks guide us on the path, while living our desires, they help make this path to consciousness full of joy.

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